The ICM database of research advisers: Vanora Hundley, on behalf of the ICM Research Standing Committee, sends out a call for more midwife researchers to join the ICM database.

Author:Hundley, Vanora
Position:International Confederation of Midwives

The ICM offers a resource of value to midwives and midwifery researchers. The resource is a database of experienced maternity care researchers who are members of the International Confederation of Midwives' (ICM) Research Advisory Network.

How did the Research Advisory Network come about?

The Research Advisory Network was established by the ICM Research Standing Committee following a call for applications in August 2001. It is a network of researchers with expertise in reproductive health, perinatal health and midwifery (see Table 1).

All members of the Research Advisory Network are professionally active in the area of midwifery and reproductive research and they recognise the importance of research to midwifery and reproductive health generally.

What does the Research Advisory Network do?

The Network was established primarily to provide expertise and advice on research issues to the ICM. This may involve commenting on particular topics or reviewing documents. For example, members of the Network recently peer-reviewed research abstracts for the ICM Triennial Conference to be held in Brisbane in 2005.

In addition, members of the Research Advisory Network are listed on a database which serves as a resource to facilitate research collaboration among members. The database holds details of research studies, areas of expertise and publications. It is searchable by keyword. This database may also be useful to others outside of the Network and is therefore available on the ICM website at:

Joining the Research Advisory Network

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