ICM Secretary General Agneta Bridges gives members and readers an update on recent events from her office in The Hague.

AuteurBridges, Agneta S.
TenlasteleggingKeeping in touch with members - International Confederation of Midwives

I am delighted to be writing for the first time to all readers of the ICM journal, with a short summary of the key events which have taken place over the past few very busy months, since the memorable Triennial Congress held in Glasgow, Scotland, last June. The pace of change was very swift in my first year as Secretary General, and I am indebted to the members of the ICM Board and the staff at the ICM headquarters for their support.

ICM/UNFPA 'Investing in Midwives' Programme

The recruitment of Regional Midwife Advisers (RMAs) was another step in this new programme, and you have already heard of the appointment of Ms Abigail Kyei from Ghana in October 2008 as International Midwife Adviser (IMA). We are pleased to welcome Dr Jemima Dennis-Antwi, a registered nurse/midwife and a health communication specialist, as Regional Midwife Adviser (RMA) for the Anglophone African countries and Mrs Rachel Ibinga-Koula, a midwife with more than 15 years experience in the area of maternal and newborn health as RMA for the francophone African countries. We are currently recruiting an RMA for Asia, and recruitment is ongoing by UNFPA for Country Midwife Advisers. You will read in the news section, on p 14 of this issue that Jemima has already been active on our behalf by joining in a high-profile online discussion forum about maternal health, organised by the UN Millennium Campaign.


The ICM has received membership applications from four midwifery associations: The Executive Committee has reviewed the applications and will recommend they be formally admitted to membership at the June Board Meeting. It is excellent news that we continue to receive applications, from countries which will broaden and strengthen our representation. Further details of the new members will be provided once they are formally accepted into membership.


A Global Outreach Meeting was organised in The Hague in November 2008 to share experiences and explore ways in which ICM and Member Associations may collaborate in the future. The meeting included presentations from Member Associations involved in outreach programmes, followed by discussion and future planning. Participating member associations included: the American College of Nurse-Midwives, Japanese Midwives' Association, Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives, Royal College of Midwives (UK) and the Swedish Association of Midwives. Details...

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