Amsterdam: The New Pharma Hub In Europe

Author:Mr Jan Willem Van Drimmelen, Marcelo Delfos and Daniel Vijselaar

As of March 2019, Amsterdam will be the proud home of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It's been confirmed that the EMA will relocate its headquarters from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit. With a large number of pharma, medical technology companies, research institutions and more, the greater Amsterdam area has become one of the most attractive and fastest growing pharma and life science centres in the world.

"We see a large number of pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research Organisations preparing for the regulatory changes they'll have to deal with in the short term" - says Jan Willem van Drimmelen, Head of Corporate Client Services at Intertrust. "Over the past months we've seen a significant increase in new clients, getting in contact with our experts in the Netherlands". The EMA is expected to provide job opportunities for 1,500 people, including lawyers, patent specialists and consultants who are expected to move to Amsterdam to be close to the organisation. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are likely to set up a subsidiary in the Netherlands. For the Dutch pharmaceutical industry, the arrival of the EMA will be a big boost noted by companies and investors...

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