Elerie v Nederlandsch Beheers-Instituut

CourtObsolete Court (Netherlands)
Docket NumberCase No. 69
Date15 Octubre 1948
Holland, Council for the Restoration of Legal Rights (Judicial Division), Groningen.
Case No. 69
Nederlandsch Beheers-Instituut.

Nationality — Loss of — By Marriage — Dual Nationality — The Law of Holland.

The Facts.—Under the Dutch Nationality Act of 1892, a woman who marries, e.g., a German national and so acquires German nationality, loses her Dutch nationality. According to a special Decree issued by the Government-in-Exile in 1943 (Official Journal, London, No. D 16), however, she did not lose her Dutch nationality if she married a German during the war. A Decree of October 25, 1944 (ibid., No. E 133), provided for the seizure of enemy property in Holland in connection with reparations. The plaintiff, who had married a German national during the war, claimed that her property was exempt from seizure by virtue of the 1944 Decree.

Held: that...

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