Humanisation of childbirth.

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A second International Conference on the Humanisation of Childbirth has been announced--to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30 November-3 December.

Speakers will include midwives Mary Zwart from the Netherlands, Naoli Vinaver from Mexico, Elizabeth Davis and Jan Tritten from the USA and Chris McCourt, Lesley Page and Soo Downe from the UK.

The announcement triggered questions on an e-mail forum about the exact meaning of the term 'humanisation'. A response came from Celine Lemay of the Canadian Association of Midwives, pointing out that the agreed definition was:

'A process of communication and caring between people, leading to self-transformation and an understanding of the fundamental spirit of life and a sense of compassion for and unity with: the universe, the spirit and nature; other people in the family, the community, the country and global society: and other people in future, as well as past generations.

'Humanisation is an important means of encouraging and...

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