ICM Educational Standing Committee meeting.

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ICM Board member Andrea Stiefel, with colleagues Marianne Nieuwenhuijze and Ans Luyben, is organising a meeting for all interested midwives during the Glasgow Congress with the aim of reactivating the ICM Education Standing Committee.

Andrea writes:

'Dear colleagues,

Thank you for the enormous interest that you showed us in the last few months for the educational meeting, which we want to organise with you in June in Glasgow.

'The date and time will be: Tuesday 3 June, Afternoon, 14-17 hours.

'We will advertise additional information about this meeting at the reception desk/information centre of the Conference.'

The agenda for the afternoon will have the main theme of reactivating the ICM Educational Standing Committee, however, a few presentations will address additional important issues:

* Welcome by a member of the ICM Board (Andrea Stiefel)

* Introduction and guidance through the meeting by Ans Luyben and Marianne Nieuwenhuijze

* Presentation 1: Midwifery education: How to connect theory (school) and practice. Followed by discussion

* Presentation 2: Midwifery education: Three or four...

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