New faces and new directions at ICM: 'goodbyes' and 'hellos' to headquarters staff; Jessica Gonzalez brings readers up to date with changes at ICM headquarters, where there are new faces with new skills to enhance services for members.

As another year comes to a close we at ICM headquarters felt it important to update you on our team experiences since you last heard directly from HQ staff in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue of International Midwifery. Our small staff has seen many changes in the last months. We've said many goodbyes and exciting new hellos to dynamic, dedicated people. As many of you know, our team leader and Secretary General, Kathy Herschderfer, has had the tremendous task of strategising and strengthening the Confederation's financial viability, a job which she has managed with commendable results. With committed support from the elected ICM Board, and under Kathy's strong leadership, we have streamlined positions and prioritised core work to help carry out a greater workload with a smaller staff. Despite the challenges, there is a great feeling of cohesion and enthusiasm on the new HQ team.


In March 2005 we said goodbye to subscription and membership officer Maria Laza who left ICM to return to her home country, Hungary, where she is continuing her career in marketing.

We also said farewell to longstanding employee, Bernadette Davis, who in June 2005 left the ICM office after five years as personal assistant to the Secretary General, to pursue a career as a Reiki therapist.

Special thanks go to summer employee, Claudia Forero, whose indispensable help was greatly appreciated by all of us during the preparation and back-up work associated with the Brisbane meetings. Particularly Jessica is indebted to you for all your hard work and help during those busy days!

We would like to take this opportunity to send Maria, Bernadette and Claudia our best wishes and thank them for their dedication and hard work al ICM. You are certainly in our hearts!


Along with the goodbyes this year we also had the great pleasure of welcoming back our Programme Manager, Nester T. Moyo, who had been working from her home office in Zimbabwe. In July of 2005 Nester, her husband and children settled in the Netherlands where they have now been granted residency. Nester's wide experience of midwifery and the wisdom she draws from it have been missed in the office, along with her calm and cheerful presence. We are thrilled to have Nester back in the Programme Manager's seat and feel that her return marks a huge step in the consolidation of our present team.

We have also welcomed Ludwig Groenefelt, who joined us as Financial Administrator in April 2005, and Dympna Byrne...

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