ICM Membership Survey.

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At the beginning of 2005 ICM launched a membership survey, the main aim being to obtain up-to-date member information and an overview of how we can best serve our members. There was a marvellous response, for which sincere thanks are offered to all members who participated.

The main results are summarised below:

* Close to 65% of members completed the survey, and many included insightful and useful comments. These will be considered in detail in the course of the coming months. Important information such as how best to correspond with each member, whether the Association's contact details are to be published on the ICM website, and members' views on the journal, International Midwifery, has been particularly valuable.

* Most respondents (87%) authorised us to post their Association's contact information on the ICM website. This is a welcome move, as having such information centrally available will facilitate communication among Associations at national and regional levels, and also help to promote knowledge and raise public awareness of midwifery and midwives' associations

* A large majority (70%) of respondents indicated a preference for e-mail communication. As the staff group at ICM HQ is a small team interacting regularly with a worldwide network, it is of great importance to know that we are reaching you in the most efficient and effective manner.

* It was encouraging to learn that 70% of respondents are satisfied with the content of International Midwifery, which reflects...

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