ICM--keeping our members in touch: ICM Deputy Director Bridget Lynch reports on the June 2006 board meeting.

Author:Lynch, Bridget
Position::International Confederation of Midwives

On June 24-25, 2006, the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) held its annual Board meeting. The multi-talented members of the new Board, elected during the Brisbane Council (July 2005), came together for an intense two days of work in The Hague. A focal point was a strategic orientation process to help the Board guide the Confederation through the 'transition' of the current triennium, when the ICM Board must plan for the reconfiguration of our governance structure under our new Constitution. At the same time the Board must provide direction to the Secretariat, which is charged with managing the core work of the organisation. During this meeting we focused on the strategic direction process, which was facilitated by a management consultant who guided the Board through:

  1. Reviewing the ICM Mission and Vision

  2. Identifying the current 'focus areas' and developing strategic objectives for the current triennium

  3. Prioritising the strategic objectives and developing activities to achieve them

  4. Assigning roles and responsibilities for activities.

  5. Reviewing the ICM Mission and Vision

    Vision and Mission statements reflect the dream and the raison d'etre of the organisation. The consultant identified that a Vision Statement should be the 'glue' that binds the members of the organisation and that we might consider condensing the ICM Vision into a shorter statement. While there was much discussion about this, our task was not to rewrite it at that time. There was support of the principles of both Vision and Mission Statements which enabled us to proceed with strategic planning.

  6. Identifying focus areas for ICM and developing strategic objectives Directions from the Brisbane Council formed the focus areas for the current triennium. The Council directed the Board of the ICM to help strengthen Member Associations in the following ways:

    * Reviewing partnership and representation in the global arena

    * Establishing a database of good practice

    * Providing guidance on legislation issues

    * Retaining a strong presence in the global arena

    * Promoting the midwifery profession and the value of the midwife in keeping birth normal.

    The Board decided to work further with these five objectives. It became clear that these objectives are at different levels: 1 and 5 should be regarded as Strategic Objectives (strategies); while 2, 3 and 4 are activities to support the Strategic Objectives.

  7. Prioritising strategic objectives and developing activities for...

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