Information for mother and baby in Azerbaijan.

Author:Safarzade, Leyla
Position:News from ICM and partners - Public Association of Azerbaijani Midwives - Brief article

The Public Association of Azerbaijani Midwives (PAAM), an ICM member, recognises the right of women to access adequate, affordable and qualified services in maternity and newborn healthcare.

In 2006 the PAAM explored the existing situation in Azerbaijan regarding accessibility of information for new mothers in their native language, Azeri, especially for those in the socially unprotected level of the population. Neither in the capital city Baku, nor in the regions, were there available information resources in public health. This also related to internet resources: there is no serious site in Azeri to provide such information.

PAAM proposed a solution: an inexpensive and popular magazine to provide a widespread and reliable source of information in the Azerbaijan language. Therefore in 2006 they founded the journal Young Mother. A draft of the proposed front cover is...

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