International Women's Day 8 March 2009.

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On IWD 2009, many organisations concerned with women's health and rights spoke out.

Ann Starrs, President of Family Care International, said: 'With 1,500 women dying in childbirth every day, the insufficient financial resources being invested in ending maternal death can be frustrating.... But we need to talk not only about money to be raised, but also about work to be done. The four core health strategies that will release women in poor countries from the grave risks they now face are:

* family planning and other reproductive health services

* skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth

* emergency care when life-threatening complications develop

* immediate post-natal care for mothers and their newborn babies.

'To provide them, nations must build public health systems with reach and quality that go far beyond what is in place today. They need to train doctors, nurses and midwives in essential skills; build and equip clean, functional health centers; and establish efficient communication and transportation networks. They must teach healthcare workers to treat even the poorest women with respect and sensitivity; enlist community leaders in encouraging greater use of maternal health services; and educate women, men, and young people about family planning.

'On International Women's Day, we...

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