Results from the ICM membership survey: Jessica Gonzalez of the ICM Secretariat summarises the useful information obtained from the ICM's 2006 survey of its members.

AuteurGonzalez, Jessica
TenlasteleggingInternational Council of Midwives - Survey

The ICM Secretariat was very happy with the response received from members: 59 out of 89 members completed and returned their surveys, marking a slight increase on the response in 2005. These surveys are vital for ensuring that our member database is up to date and providing us with valuable information that helps us to better serve and keep in touch with members. Thnak you to all who participated. Below is a brief summary of the results:

* 66% of members responded to the survey, with many including useful suggestions and comments on ways to improve communication with headquarters. Practical information such as updated email addresses, as well as indicating whether we can publish member contact details on our website, are particularly valuable in helping us conduct efficient communications.

* 83% of respondents were aware of the ICM-FIGO Joint Statement on Postpartum Haemorrhage and 70% of these reported that they had disseminated this document to their association members by means ranging from publication in newsletters to circulation at national and regional meetings. It is really critical for 1CM to learn if and how the information it provides to members is valuable and relevant to their particular context. We much appreciated the feedback received and hope to continue this type of surveying to ensure that the work we do is widely relevant and useful to our members.

* As regards information on the scope and practice of midwifery:

--72% of respondents reported the existence in their countries of documents that describe the scope of midwifery practice

--51% of respondents reported that midwifery is regulated as a separate profession; 34% that it is regulated together with nursing; 10% that it is regulated with other health professions, fewer than 1% indicated that the profession is not regulated at all.

* In sharing with us the perceived advantages of being members of ICM, members' listed:

--being maintained and up-to-date on international developments within the midwifery profession, including those related to policy and practice

--having access to a network of international midwives and organisations to facilitate knowledge exchange

--having the opportunity to attend ICM international congresses, workshops and to participate in programmes and projects such as Strengthening Midwifery Associations and Young Midwifery Leaders programme

--having international support for helping to improve country standards, guidelines, legislation and...

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