Young Midwifery Leader elected to Board of EMA.

Position:News from ICM and partners

ICM was delighted to hear the news that Susanne Raetz, one of the mentees in the ICM's Young Midwifery Leaders programme, has been elected to the Board of the European Midwives' Association.

Having been nominated, Susanne wrote:

'I have been a registered midwife for 18 years and I have a Master degree in medical education. For four years I have represented the German Midwives Association (Bund Deutscher Hebammen, BDH) to the European Midwives Association (EMA) as well as to the Council of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). As a member of the extended board of the BDH I actively participate in national and local initiatives and policy development relating to midwifery. I am closely involved in projects to improve the education of midwives in Germany.

'Due to my participation in the Young Midwifery Leadership Programme of the ICM I have gained a wider perspective of midwifery within the global health arena, especially in the area of raising the status of the profession of midwives and thus the...

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