Pakistan: 'midwifery education will get its due place'.

AuteurKamal, Imtiaz Taj

Imtiaz Taj Kamal, a nurse-midwife who is Secretary General of the National Committee for Maternal Health, worked for decades to establish the Midwives Association of Pakistan, and to raise the profile of midwifery at national level. In 2005 she organised three events in different places for the IDM. She reports:

'The first International Day [in Lahore] went very well--380 participants registered. It can be termed as a huge success. ICM's message was received and read to the audience.

'The President of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SOGP) chaired the technical session. He has given in writing that SOGP will provide all assistance to the newly formed Midwifery Association of Pakistan (MAP). The SOGP and Midwifery Association are already working closely on the PATH Project Proposal for Active Management of Third Stage of Labour. It was the first time in the history of Pakistan that so many members of the midwifery cadre were in one room with a lot of obstetricians and journalists. The question-and-answer session became very fiery. Midwives let off steam!

'The Minister of Health in his closing address promised [that] from now on he is going to take a personal interest in midwifery. UNICEF funded the...

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