Value Added Talk: Episode 1 - ‘Free' Money And Where Your Business Can Find It (Podcast)

Author:TMF Group
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There is no such thing as free money but there is a commonly overlooked cash source that can give your company a very welcome 'revenue' boost.

self Around four per cent of global travel spend offers reclaimable VAT but many companies don't bother recovering the VAT they've incurred in the course of doing business abroad.

The VAT recovery process can be administration-heavy, but the time spent analysing the data in your systems and maybe even digging through a deep, dark basement to locate eligible receipts can be quite lucrative. How does a seven-figure cash injection sound?

Listen to the 'free money' episode of the Value Added Talk podcast below, where Jacek, Sylvia and Rob discuss the VAT recovery process and how much of a boost it can give to your bottom line.

Click here to download your 'free' money FAQ sheet.

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