Welcome to the ICM Congress in Brisbane!/Bienvenue a Brisbane/Bienvenides a Brisbane.

AuteurWeaver, Caroline

The healthy future of society depends on the health of the babies and children of today--and their mothers, who are guardians of that future. I make no apology for opening with these words, which are a deliberately political statement, and based closely on the beginning of the first chapter of this year's World Health Report, Make every mother and child count. On the website and other documents of the International Confederation of Midwives you will find words, written longer ago and more simply, which have exactly the same meaning: 'Healthy Women--Healthy Babies--Healthy Nations'.

The commitment of midwives to these three things does not change. What has changed over recent years is the commitment of those leading the nations to the support and strengthening of what midwives do. Much progress has been made. Much more needs to be made, if the goals set are to be reached.

It is my great honour and pleasure to welcome to Brisbane this week thousands of midwives who will attend a series of meetings, presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and much more in and around this Congress. All the events--formal and informal--will contribute to midwives' knowledge, skills, ability to carry out research, facility to communicate and valuable contacts with colleagues around the globe. I hope to speak to many of them individually and I wish them all safe travel, good health and everything they need to make the most of this precious opportunity.

I also want to speak to all those who remain at home to continue attending as many as they can of the 136 million births that happen in the world each year. Your job is even more important. From the midwives in Brisbane--our thoughts are with you, and we salute you all.

Caroline Weaver, Presidente, ICM

Bienvenue a Brisbane

Une bonne sante pour la societe de demain depend de celle des bebes et des enfants d'aujourd'hui ainsi que de leurs meres qui restent les gardiennes de cet avenir.

Je ne m'excuserais pas de commencer mon discours par ces mots qui expriment une prise de position politique deliberee et qui s'inspirent de pres du premier chapitre du Rapport sur la Sante dans le Monde: Donnons sa chance a chaque mere et a chaque enfant.

Sur le site web et dans les autres documents de la Confederation Internationale des Sages Femmes, vous trouverez des mots, ecrits depuis longtemps et bien plus simplement encore, mais qui ont garde la meme signification : >.

L'engagement des sages femmes pour ces trois messages n'a...

Om verder te lezen


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