Office bearers of the ICM, newly elected by Council.

Elections held at the ICM Council meeting in Brisbane have meant some new faces among the ICM Board, as well as a new governance structure where the previous Executive Committee is now known as the Board.

Some significant changes were also made to the ICM's constitution, which were fully explained and discussed during the Council meeting.

The moves allow, however, for a transition period over the next three years during which the details of new roles and working patterns within the structure will be finalised and disseminated to member associations.

* Karlene Davis is the new President of ICM and will continue in the role until the 28th ICM Congress, to be held in Glasgow in 2008.

* Judi Brown, having been Deputy Director of the ICM Board of Management for six years, takes over from Joyce Thompson as Director. Many tributes were paid to Joyce for her endeavours and achievements over the years she has worked tirelessly for ICM.

* Bridget Lynch from Canada was welcomed as the new Deputy Director. Bridget was instrumental in the founding of the Canadian Association of Midwives, has been a regional representative for the Americas region and last year played a major role in organising a successful ICM conference in Trinidad.

* Debrah Lewis, also a key player in the Trinidad conference, takes over the role of regional representative in the Americas.

* Judith Chamisa from Zimbabwe joins the group as representative for the eastern African region, replacing Joyce Safe of Tanzania.

* Andrea Stiefel, a midwife who has previously been Council delegate from the Association of German Midwives since 1997, was voted to become regional representative for central Europe.

* The Board also welcomed the first male midwife to hold office in ICM--Vitor...

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