Partners pay tribute to ICM on International Day of the Midwife.

Position:News from ICM and partners

ICM is deeply appreciative of the messages received from partner organisations. From FIGO: 'Today, 5th May, is the Day of the Midwife. FIGO wishes to pay tribute to midwives around the world, recognising their important role, articulated in their theme, "Midwives reach out to women--wherever they live". FIGO has strong collaboration with midwives through ICM to address the shameful and preventable mortality and morbidity of women and their children through ... reproductive health care services, to which women and children have internationally agreed upon rights. FIGO also recognises the impact of the global shortage of skilled health providers with midwifery skills, calling for support to train midwives in adequate numbers as a critical component in moving forward.'

From the WHO Making Pregnancy Safer department: 'As one of the oldest and most respected professions in the world, the work of midwives is celebrated annually on 5 May ... the International Day of Midwives'. WHO staff gathered to show their support for the essential role of midwives in saving the lives of pregnant women who might otherwise die from lack of skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth.

Participants from the ICM took part in...

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