Welcome to Glasgow, Scotland!

AuteurDavis, Dame Karlene

I feel proud, privileged and delighted to have the role of welcoming midwives to the Intemational Confederation of Midwives' 28th Triennial Congress--both through the pages of this journal and later, in person, in the prestigious setting of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow.

Over the nearly 90 years of the ICM's life, the midwives of the United Kingdom have had the pleasure of hosting an ICM Congress three times before--in 1934, 1954 and 1981--but this is the first to be held in Scotland, and we are expecting a distinctive approach to the social programme that will give you a flavour not only of Scotland but of all the nations within the UK.

In 1934, the Congress was opened by the then Duchess of York, mother of the present Queen; in 1954, the Queen herself agreed to be the Patron of the Congress; and it is my great pleasure to confirm that this year's Congress will be attended by the Princess Royal, who is patron of the Royal College of Midwives.

While I am looking forward to the Congress immensely, all the associated ICM events and in particular to meeting so many midwives from different countries and backgrounds, I do also want to send greetings--and gratitude--to those who remain behind to do the most important work of all: caring for women and babies. Our mission as midwives is to promote the safety and wellbeing of mothers and newborn during pregnancy and childbirth; while the Congress will celebrate our achievements and raise the global profile of midwifery, the majority of midwives will be where they need to be--with the women--and I thank them all.

We are set to have a record attendance for our Congress programme, which will offer unparalleled breadth, innovation and diversity. I look forward to seeing you there.

Bienvenue a Glasgow

Je suis ravie et fiere d'avoir le privilege d'accueillir les sages-femmes au 28eme Congres triennal de la Confederation internationale des sages-femmes, aussi bien dans les pages de cette revue specialisee que plus tard, en personne, dans le cadre prestigieux du Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre a Glasgow.

Depuis la creation de l'ICM il y a pres de 90 ans, les sages-femmes du Royaume-Uni ont eu le plaisir d'accueillir le Congres de l'ICM trois fois : en 1934, en 1954 et en 1981. Mais c'est la premiere fois qu'il aura lieu en ecosse et nous pouvons nous attendre a un programme social un peu different qui vous donnera un apercu non seulement de l'ecosse mais de toutes les...

Om verder te lezen


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